Sewage Water Tankers and Trailars



  1. Depth of Sewage water “ Hose Length Required”
  2. From Loading Point to the Sewage water Place “Distance in Meters”.
  3. Sewage water Nature “Mixed with chemicals or oil?”
  4. Where to unload? Extra charges will be applied depending on location.

1. Please keep in mind that the following time will be off-road time and cannot drive Trucks on roads:
6:30am – 7:30am and From 12:30 to 1:30pm




Unload Stations for Sewage Water:
1. Hidd.
2. Tubli.
3. Budayyaa.
4. Asker ” For abnormal Sewage Water mixed with chemicals or oil”.



Tank Size:
Functions – Transfer Sewage Water
We will provide:
1. Driver.
2. Diesel.


Outside Hight:
Outside Width:
Outside Length:

Additional Info

Additional information

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17000 Litters Tanker, 24000 Litters Tanker